We have received a letter from Ladbrokes Charitable Trust, thanks go to the team at Newark. See quotation from letter below

“I am delighted to advise you that the Ladbrokes Charitable Trust has approved a grant of £1000 to The Sam White Legacy. This donation was made as a direct result of the dedicated fundraising by Cliff Oliver and the team in our Carter Gate branch in Newark”

Donations like this can help the charity to help fund much needed research into child and young peoples brain tumours. The charity is constantly looking at new research programmes and how the charity can collaborate with others to raise money for the bigger research projects.


Send 1 child/young person and their family to Centre Parcs in Nottingham for a long weekend. The child/young person who is receiving treatment for a brain tumour at the Queens Medical Center gets to go on this trip and arrives on a Friday after treatment and stays until the following Monday, the family is recommended by Clic Sargent.