With the support of Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Benevolent Fund, I have secured a tandem skydive at Langar Airfield later in the year. 

As a trustee for The Legacy, I am enthusiastic to spread awareness about Brain Tumours in young people and children.  We contribute to research and ongoing we have been able to send families, affected by Brain Tumour diagnosis, , for long weekend breaks to allow the family to be together and make memories. We aim to send 10 families a year.  We would love to send more than 10 families in 2023/24 so your donation would be incredible in helping us achieve this.

I have also had the pleasure of working with the Benevolent Fund at DMRC Stanford Hall.  They are a military charity who raise funds for serving military personnel who find themselves in need of Rehabilitation following illness or injury.  The money helps in a holistic manner to aid recovery back into service or daily life.

If you can donate whether large or small, follow the link below.