Back in February 2020 we held the 7th Sam White Dinner, such another great evening and thank you to all that attended. Since then in March 2020 Covid19 and all its restrictions have been with us making life difficult for all and in some cases unbearable and unimaginable for others. We appreciate since then the Legacy has been somewhat quiet, however all the Trustees have been working quietly in the background continuing with the original aims of the Charity.

We have continued to send families to Center Parcs,  despite some of the challenges of having to rebook and rebook again. CLIC Sergeant continue to support the Legacy by identifying families to us that would like to go on the respite trips.

You may recall that back in September 2019 the Legacy attempted the E2E Challenge. 12 cyclists with a great support team and fantastic enthuisastic leg riders completed a 2 week cycle ride  from John O’Groats to Lands End.The Legacy with backing from some sponsors and a lot of support and genoristy from family, friends and donors raised a lot of money….just over £200,000. This amount of money has helped the Legacy through these tough times to continue to send families on respite breaks and also to continue to provide financial support to the vital research projects that meet the Legacy and Trustees objectives. We have also been able to support a project that is aimed at raising awareness of the symptoms often experienced by children and young people prior to being diagnosed with a brain tumour, which is something that is already having great results with earlier diagnosis, something that is vital in ensuring access to prompt treatement. The money raised through the E2E challenge has also given the Legacy sustainablity, which with hindsight could definitely could not have come at a better time. We consider ourselves very fortunate as fund raising in the current climate is challenging, however that’s not to say we won’t keep looking for other innovative ways of raising funds for the Legacy.

In a post to follow this one I will provide an update on how the research projects and equipment the Legacy has provided funding for are progressing and some of the results that are being achieved.

Sadly  the Trustees have taken the very difficult decision to cancel the 8th Sam White Legacy Dinner scheduled for February 2021. With the current Covid19 restrictions for which the Prime Minister has said will probably be with us all for the next 6 months, we unfortunately had no choice. On a more positive note, when things do improve and some of the current restrictions are lifted, the Trustees will look at putting on an event in Summer 2021,  so watch this space

The Trustees would like to assure you all that we remain fully commited to carrying on where Sam had to leave……we are currently looking at how we can further raise the profile of the Legacy to help other children and families in their time of need, particulary with respite breaks. In addition we are working closely with the University of Nottingham to review new proposals to continue to support valuable research projects. We have not lost sight of and will continue to support the projects that Sam founded. We will continue to fundraise and support research in to children’s and young people’s brain tumours. We will… Sam showed us, continue to raise awareness of children’s brain tumours and help look for better diagnoses and treatments.We will aim to continue with Sam’s ideals of, promoting greater understanding, better and pioneering treatments, and research.


The trustees wish you all well and we really look forward to seeing you all again soon – in the meantime please take care.