Gideon is a 5 year old boy who has survived a cancerous brain tumour, however the operation to remove it and the subsequent treatment to prevent its return has left him severely disabled. Gideon’s family plan in the future to give something back to the charities that have provided assistance during some tough times they have gone through, by raising money for those charities. At the moment this is not possible but Granddad Nick McCabe has stepped in for now and this is what he is doing.

On the 23rd May Granddad Nick set off from the UK  to walk all 500 miles of Spain’s Camino de Santiago (Nick is approximately half way through so far) he is raising money for 3 charities and we are proud to be associated as one of those to benefit. The Camino de Santiago is a mountainous pilgrim way that stretches across the entire length of north-west Spain. 500 miles is no small feat, and if you would like to provide some moral support for Granddad Nick through this immense challenge you can follow his journey on Facebook at the Camino 500. There will be regular up dates with photos, videos and blogs, if you would like to support the charities that Nick’s efforts are in aid of then you can at