Community AwardMike and Pam White were presented with The University of Nottingham’s Volunteer Of The Year 2015 award, by Sir David Greenaway, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nottingham. The award was presented to the couple at a ceremony in London.
Mike and Pam White lost their son, Sam, in 2013 to an infection. He had battled a brain tumour for 4½ years.

Sam, a pupil at The Newark Academy, was 16 when he died. He had campaigned on the need for research and awareness in to childhood brain tumours, often despite being very ill himself. He was also a tireless campaigner, even speaking at the European Parliament on the topic.

Six years ago, Sam helped the university launch its Impact Campaign, which supports research projects. His parents have continued to support the campaign since his death. Mike and Pam are also on the board for the Children’s Brain Tumour Research group at the university.

Pam said:

“It is really interesting work that is being done. The University is a centre of excellence because of the research that is carried out like this.

“We were overwhelmed when we received the award. We never envisaged winning it.”

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